As everyone knows, there's an outbreak amongst us with people staying home as a means of staying safe. Since we're all currently in confinement, I decided to share my reading list for this month! I did not want to forget the fact that March was Women's History Month, so I've included in this list books for and about female empowerment!

During this quarantine, I've been keeping myself busy by creating a book club! The Wallflower Collective book club is coming soon with a brand new website. Stay tuned :)

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

This book is an interesting account of the author, Rubin, in her twelve-month long 'happiness project'. It's a book of discovery: how to be happy, what happiness is, and what it means to be happy. 

#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso

Growing to be one of my favorite books at the moment, #GIRLBOSS talks about the business journey of Sophia Amoruso - the CEO of the multi-millionaire online fashion store Nasty Gal. It recounts what she learned throughout her journey of starting a business - from initially being an eBay Vintage Shop to slowly expanding it to the beloved and influential Nasty Gal it is today. A very inspiring book and the perfect book to read for Women's History Month - specially for those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. 

You can also watch the series adapted from the book starring Brit Robertson on Netflix!

Emma - Jane Austen

With the new and stunning film that has recently came out (starring one of my favorite actresses, Anya Taylor-Joy!), I wanted to put this on the list. Being an eccentric female protagonist, written by the one of the most influential and inspiring woman in the literary world, Emma is the perfect book to celebrate the history of women. After reading one chapter in, it's definitely a more advanced read but definitely an interesting story with an interesting character. 

Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

This beautiful story of four sisters is a true representation of sisterhood - something I strongly relate to as I grew up with three. I thought it's a very empowering story: tear-jerking, heartfelt, and relatable. This book was also adapted into stunning film by Greta Gerwig that has been up for nominations at the OSCARs. I've watched the original but not this one yet - but I'm planning to soon after the outbreak has been cleared! 

What are some books in your March reading list?
Amidst the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China and has now spread across international waters, igniting a global pandemic, people are pushed to remain indoors and distance themselves from the outside world.

As a person who has done social distancing all her life, I would say I'm an expert in being comfortable in isolation and being away from the people and the outside world. If you know me, I had formerly worked as a freelancer writer working from the comforts of my own home. And even when I did get a job where I did have to go outside and socialize, I still managed to always remain withdrawn to my room like the introverted hermit I am.

Sooo, since we're currently in an outbreak and people are 'self-quarantining' by staying at home, I decided to share a few helpful tips to make the hermit-lifestyle more comfortable and easy - especially for those who aren't used to staying at home for a long period of time.

Reorganize your closet

Now that you have time in your hands, utilize this to deep-tidy areas of your house you hadn't had time to do. Take your closet for example - it's a place in your room where you pick your clothes and throw in your clothes. If you're like me and tend to get disorganized, my closet can accumulate mess and a pile of clothes hidden in the corner you didn't even know about. 

But the closet can be an infinite storage space for anything - if you make the space. Reorganize your closet and make room for your other things you've been meaning to store. A great example would be bags - my room is littered with my graphic totes and tiny pin-covered backpacks and I had nowhere else to put them but at the end of my bed. 

So I bought new hangers, hung some of my clothes, and made space at the top shelf to neatly store my bags.


This time of self-isolation can be used for a time of introspection. I've always stressed how important and impactful journaling can be and can help lead a more mindful life. Ever since I got into planning and bought myself the Happy Planner, as well as the Passion Planner (let me know if you want to see a review!), I've been spending most of my time writing and journaling my days and thoughts.

There's not many to do when you're confined in your own home, but look for opportunities to be grateful for some of the little things or learn something new, whether if it's about someone you're in quarantine with or perhaps something about your house/apartment, and write them down! Not many notice or realize some of the things that happens around us in our own homes.

Catch up with your TBR

If you're like me and you've been stockpiling books, ever expanding their bookshelves, but never reading those books, use this free time to read! If you have a list of TBR (to be read) books, then catch up! I will be posting a book recommendations list soon!


If you have left over flour, sugar, or chocolate chips, then let's bake! I downloaded the TASTY app on my phone, which is an app that provides recipes along with one of those fascinating and aesthetically-pleasing cooking videos we see on the Instagram. They list the ingredients you need, in which you can purchase from your phone and then pick up at your nearest Walmart! Cooking and baking has never been easier thanks to this app! Give it a try and become your resident's cook. 

Facetime a friend

Confinement can make you feel lonely. Keep in contact with your friends, coworkers, and your families! Uplift each other, provide support and help for one another - this a very tough time, as lives are at risk, businesses are closing, people are forced to stay at home, and cities are going on lockdown. Talk about movies, video call whilst watching a movie, bake together, cook together, do mukbang, do on-nomi (what Japanese refer to as "digital drinking"), and be yourself. 

Let me know if you have any other tips and ways to adapt to the life of self-isolation! 
This October, I've embarked once again on a creative pursuit - HAPPY PLANNING! I've been recommended by a friend to buy the Happy Planner, a cute and colorful planner that's easily customizable with the mushroom cut paper and discs and the endless collections of stickers and accessories they provide.

This is truly an amazing product that has kept me busy, productive, and creative this past month and here's why:

Pre-designed templates

Unlike bullet journaling - which was formerly my way of planning my week - the Happy Planner comes with a variety of pre-designed pages which you could add into your planner. Although there's not complete creative freedom with a blank canvas, it's a much more efficient way to make my plans in a creative way when you don't always have the time to sit down and design elaborate templates.

Some pre-designed templates that I have is the budget tracker, where you can write down all the items you purchase to keep track of your spending and a bills tracker on the other side and a homework schedule so I can stay on top of my school work. Other pre-designed templates that they provide also includes health and fitness, social media manager, and project planners.

Easily customizable

A habit of mine I want to maintain is being creative! And the happy planner helps me with that by making it so easy to personalize your planner in your own unique way. Because their planners are disc bound, you can simply insert and re-insert pages. I love adding little notecards that say "Think Happy Thoughts" or "Stay Sharp" which I came in the student sticker and accessory bundle.

I also bought the hole punch, meaning I can insert any page I want! I could add in my class syllabus, printable meal planners, literally anything.

Keeps me productive and organized

As a working college student, I have a lot of homework, projects, tests, and appointments. For me, being the writer that I am, there's nothing better than jotting down my to-dos and organizing my thoughts to paper. The Happy Planner helps me keep productive and organizes my mind. My mind is a clutter box, and writing it down in my happy planner clarifies them, making it easier to go through my checklists and get things done like a boss.

All in all, the Happy Planner has integrated itself as an essential item to my daily life. It makes me feel like a boss, always checking in my Stay Cool planner to view my spread for the week and making appointments, plans, and schedules.

It's something I highly recommend, especially for moms, students, teachers, managers, and basically anyone who wants to be a badass bitch and get shit done. Because this will definitely change the way you organize your life.

with love,
nicole isabel
It's October - the month deep within one of my favorite seasons which is fall! The crisp red and brown leaves blowing through the crisp cool air and the classic pumpkin spice lattes drunken in a warm bed curled up with a book. Sunset watching wrapped in a hand-knitted scarf and sweater with my favorite boots and sweatpants, with calm music playing in the background along with the raining sound of trees against the breeze. Nothing is a better feeling than fall, the season that marks the goodbyes and endings with the falling of the leaves.

And nothing is a better celebration of pumpkin season than an annual fall festival! My family and I journeyed through the orange, puddled dirt road to Southern Hills Farms in Clermont where everyone gathered to pick sunflowers, take a tour around the farm, eat and drink with friends and family, and pretty much have a great time. We were lucky enough to slip in around five in the afternoon to witness one of Earth's wonders which is the sunset.

Here are some beautiful photographs I took...

This beautiful day spent walking in open air, smelling the flowers, drinking and eating with my family, and seeing the colors change in the sky certainly hit the mark in the celebration of my favorite season. We didn't get any pumpkins as I had hoped (for the annual ritual of pumpkin carving for Halloween), but I did pick out a bunch of flowers to curate a beautiful bouquet displayed in my room.

I hope you all have a lovely October month and Happy Fall Season! 

nicole isabel

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