Christmas is a time to spend precious moments with your loved ones and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. You end each year with kindness and generosity, a quality expressed through sharing gifts, spreading cheer, and giving love to your family and friends. But one thing you mustn't forget this Christmas (or in any time of your life) is yourself.

I sometimes feel that during this holiday, we stress so much about giving to others that we get lost and forget ourselves. Self-love is perhaps the greatest form of love anyone can ever have and, personally, I believe it reflects the love you give to others. The more time and adoration you treat yourself with, the more you'll be able to do the same for others.

With the burdening pressures and obstacles of society and interpersonal relationships, I think that loving yourself is a challenging goal to achieve. Luckily for you, I've compiled a list to help with this journey. I'm no expert, but these are some of the things that I'd occasional do if I felt like I didn't give myself a little lovin'. For me, they provide a new and optimistic outlook on life - they might do the same for you!

The Coffee of Contemplation

Every morning, after eating my breakfast I make myself a cup of coffee, step outside to the garden, and drink it as I bathe myself in the morning weather. I don't have my phone with me, not even a book - I just sit, drink, and let all my thoughts simply dance and float as time moves.

I like to consider this a form of meditation because you're just being in the moment. A lot of stress and anxiety comes from worrying thoughts about the past, future, or stuff going on in our daily lives. Rather than contemplating about the negative aspects of your life, try observing everything around you. For me, there's a few trees in my back garden and, living in Florida, we get a lot of lizards which I like to just watch scurry around or do a weird mating dance.

When you wake up in the morning, cook yourself a nice breakfast and make yourself a cuppa and sit outside. Listen to the cars, watch the birds, enjoy nature. Enjoy this peaceful moment to yourself.

Curl up with a Book

There's nothing more relaxing than indulging yourself in a good book. This is something I do as much as I can - when I'm waiting in the car for my sister at school, during a road trip to the shops, or before going to bed. Getting lost in the stories will make us forget about everything, ourselves, and the world around us and pulls us into a whole new dimension.

To help you get into this habit, set a goal. Since it's almost the end of the year, pledge yourself to finish at least ten books by the end of December; make it three, four, fifteen - whichever you feel comfortable with.

Free your creative prowess

Expressing yourself in a healthy and creative way is such a cathartic experience. When I'm feeling particularly stressed, I like to let out my worries through writing. If you're a regular reader on my blog, you'll notice I write poetry - it's my creative way to express myself.

Whether it's painting, drawing, writing, photography, fashion, or maybe even science or coding - free yourself with creativity. Through these creative pursuits, perhaps you might discover something about yourself you didn't know about, maybe even discover that you have a genuine talent or passion in something...


I've recently finished my finals week, so I've been treating myself with what I like to call "Friyay Spa Day" where I prepare a feast for one and pamper myself with baths, facials, a glass of water (because y'all need to stay hydrated), and some Netflix and chill.

Fill up your tub, get some scented candles going and a bath bomb ready to fizz it up. Get a book or your computer/phone with Netflix and some snacks and drinks. Mask up your face and sink into the bath - unwind and enjoy.

Play dress-ups

This is probably one of my favorite self-love moments - DRESS-UP! Creating new fashion looks is what I love to do, mixing and matching different textures, patterns and styles and playing with a bunch of accessories. Most of the fashion look-books I curate are results of these fashion experimentations - maybe you could create one too!

Try out some styles you've never worn before, go thrift shopping and find bold garments to create avant-garde looks; organize a fashion show for your friends or family. With Christmas just round the corner, do something Christmas themed! Maybe you could design and make your own clothes from scratch if you wanted to.

Looking at yourself in all these styles and clothes that you love and then showing them off in look-books and self-organized fashion shows will surely boost your confidence and make you fall in love with yourself.

Learn something new

Nothing is more rewarding than achieving a goal; it improves productivity and makes you feel accomplished. Before this year ends, try learning something new. Try learning a language, learn how to code, sculpt, make origami. For me, I'm learning the piano. So far, I've learned to play some of my favorite piano pieces such as Debussy's "Clair de Lune" and the classic "River Flows in You" by Yiruma.

Sign up to a class, or teach yourself through books or YouTube (which is how I learned to play the piano lol). Remember to take baby steps and set goals: for example, you could promise yourself to learn all the basic vocabulary of Spanish in three days, or you could learn how to play the first part of Für Elise by the end of this week. Trying new things enriches and improves your mind - plus with all these new skills you're learning, you're gonna look cool and amazing.

And this is my list of self-love activities you could try this Christmas. These are things that I personally do and that works for me; some of them may not work for you, some of them might do. All in all, it's not up to me to tell you how to love yourself so go out there and find your path, live and enjoy your life. 💛

Have a great holiday!
All the best,
sunset at eight 
sunset at eight
brings enchanting golden light;
watching fate as it seeds
Cupid’s breath for the night.

the cicadas soothing buzz
with tranquility’s serene sea,
with rose radiance of clouds as 
soft as the brushstroke of da vinci.

the touch of the fingertips
like a stroke of an old painting;
the colour of love washing over you
with sensation and opaque beauty.

what is beauty?
being impassioned by life?;
the breeze of summer making your heartbeat high; ?
when a hummingbird feeds from lavender lupines?;
or the sinking of the heart at the speckle of stardust
in one’s eyes;
the kiss from a mother when a child cries…;

amongst the doves at dawn,
where lovers thrive,
beauty is sunset at eight,
in glimmering golden light.
- n.i

Related image
gushes of water
flooding the streets,
an unceasing moment where
there's nowhere to flee.

like a lonely sailor
in a cyclical wave,
feeling the water rise up
in my lungs
and then over my face.
- n.i
the lonely stream
black-stained tears stain her pretty pale face
running down her pretty blushed-cheeks
like dead-watered creeks
with a ghostly haze.

no more rainbow rings as
the sun sink in the horizon
red robins no longer sing...
as the autumn wind hushes
to silence.

the sky cries rain
while grey clouds clash
and the flowers wither in pain
from the surge of the storm's lash.

dead fish, she finds, with bulgy eyes
like her puffy and desperate cries.
- n.i
Related image
your touch
your touch on my soul
is like a hidden shadow -
a cold, heartless sin,
shading the flowers in the meadow.

you brush my hair
only to harvest my daisies,
you take them bare
but never remember to water them.

your touch on my soul
is like ice that never melts -
a bitter pain
that never sweats.
- n.i


The sun, seeping through the soft shadows of clouds, colours her face with a golden light as she stood in her back garden to feel the breeze of an October afternoon. She feels the sun's rays pour over her face like warm honey dripping from heaven.  The wind winds through the trees, the crisp rain of rattling leaves echoing in the sky, and the dead leaves flail on the ground like dance-macabre. She was the girl who climbed trees, the girl was always kicking the fallen leaves outside her house with her high-heeled black boots that she forgets to lace up, the one who always carried her collection of books wherever she goes, who smiled at the sound of autumn under playful footsteps, the girl next door who never looked to the sky because it was always raining. 


She was always smiling and filling every stride with fearlessness. She never looked back, not even an inch over her shoulder; moving only forward with the focus of a growing sunflower. She wanted to show the world her strength. Her confidence radiated powerfully, like the beaming sun in a summer heatwave. But no matter how much energy she emitted with the force of a deity's words, she never managed to shake off the brown and maroon leaves on the trees that were on the brink of their falling. Sometimes something as soft and delicate as a fingertip is better than a paintbrush when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture. And sometimes all you need is a little breeze to see the beauty of autumn's waterfall.


Her feet are like little fronds and maple leaves that would patter on concrete floor on a windy day: always moving to the music of nature. The tips of her toes would follow the wind as it sways her dress along with the pirouetting leaves on the ground - nature stirring her in all directions while she stares at the grey clouds above her with a liberal smile, her arms wide open as if to express to the world "the Earth is mine!". Her laughter would sing with the birds, her smile would hug the lively lives around her, and her happiness would embrace the sun, to say, "I'm home." 

I tried something new to liven up the fashion look-books I did by writing mini stories that I felt resonated with the outfits I put together, drawing inspiration from my favourite season! 

Should I do more short stories like these? Let me know what you guys think :)
I decided to take a month off of writing to focus on school and getting my life together, so I apologise for the lack of content over the past several weeks! But, during this past September, I've found and tried out new products that I've been loving recently. From trying out fake lashes to reaching for cult-classics, here are my September Favourites.


From left to right
- Petite cosmetics lashes in "Feminist"
- Maybelline's Great Lash mascara (a cult-classic and new favourite)
- Cetaphil Moisturiser (great for my dry skin)
- Neutrogena healthy skin anti-aging perfector in 30 light to neutral (it is a moisturising retinol treatment that contains sunscreen 👌)
- wet n wild photofocus foundation in "Bronze Beige"


From left to right:
- Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist, Temptation (lol)
- Bath & Body Works Peach and Sweet Tea Body Lotion (with shea and vit E)
- Secret deodorant lol (I've been sweating so much lately and this has helped)
- NeilMed Saline wound wash (I've been using this to clean my pierced ears and earrings and has helped with preventing infection).

Do you also use any of these products mentioned? If so, let me know what you think! 

The end of summer is almost approaching with a new semester just around the corner. For some, the first day will be their first day of their high school experience; for others, it'll just be another first day of another year. For those recent high school graduates, it's the daunting first day of college. As a fellow college student myself, I'd like to share a few basics about college - what you need to know and how to prepare for it.

Before delving into my college101 guide, I'd like to let you know that my insights and experiences that I'll write about is based from community college. Since living in the US, I've always been confused by the word "college" because it's used interchangeably between "university" and "community college": so to clarify, I'm currently in a two-year community college. The degree I'm doing is a Transfer Associates where, since my school is an affiliate, I'll be transferring to University of Central Florida when I graduate.

Now that we got that in the way, let's go on to the basics of college and anything you need to know!

College is much more chill

I don't know anything about American high schools since I didn't go to one, but college is the most chill place. You could walk into campus wearing a unicorn onesie, or ride your light up hover board, or even roll into class in your Heelys and no one will give a damn. It's a place with no judgement, so if high school made you uncomfortable I'm pretty sure college will be a more relaxing experience.

Even the teachers are very down to earth. I've noticed from my time at my college, teachers are much more lenient to punishment; an example is my Spanish oral exam. My professor understood that I've never taken a class nor spoken a word of Spanish before in my life, so he was lenient towards how I was graded. Y'all probably know, but there are also memes all over Instagram and Twitter of students sharing funny and casual emails received from professors.

via buzzfeed
But take this with a grain of salt - as a student, you still want to display a good image to your professors for good references. Just because they're acting nonchalant, it doesn't mean you should too!

Make sure you're able to finish a course

One mistake that students tend to make whilst in college is dropping out of classes. It's understandable that for some, it's inevitable due to certain circumstances. But dropping classes is a big risk. It would go on your record and you would waste money on course resources and materials like textbooks. So before picking your classes, ask yourself if you're able to do this for the whole semester.

It happened to me in the last one. I was taking Earth Science fully online, but decided that online classes weren't for me (especially with a heavy subject like earth science) so I decided to drop it. I wasted around $150 on the textbook and the login to the website with the all the course materials. Don't waste your money! It's important to be frugal and cautious with your money, especially with any student loans you may have taken out - you don't want to be reckless with that, otherwise it will be harder to pay back your student debt!!

Watch your budget

I've already mentioned this in my previous point, but this is an important part when you're in college. If you're reckless with your spending and spend your loan money on unnecessary stuff, then you will regret it when your student debt is quietly hiding in your shadows, following you everywhere until you pay it back. Ensure you pay it back in time as well - some student loans have interest (meaning that the longer you wait to pay it back, the bigger the debt will become).

Researchers have shown that, for the average person with a bachelor's degree, it will take them at least 21 years to pay off their student loan debts. So if you're still a high school student, avoid getting stuck in debt by ensuring that you're saving money!

Be a good student

Even though I've said that college is chill, it does not mean you should be too relaxed. College is still a school that takes your education seriously, so don't miss any opportunities to maintain your GPA and a good image! I know that in college, you gain more independence and freedom and, of course, there's the stereotypical college parties, but don't forget what your priorities are!

Make friends

College has a diverse range of students - from older people who are married with kids, to recent high school graduates, to transfers, and people of different backgrounds. Take the opportunity to interact with interesting people and make friends! It's a great way to make your college experience more fun, as well as be with people with whom you'll make memories with.

Join clubs, form study groups in your classes, and talk with people! If you don't make any friends, then that's completely fine! It's okay to be alone sometimes; there's no agenda to be consistently sociable, so it's not mandatory. And plus, college is a non critical place after all, so no one will judge you.

Always talk to your teachers/advisors

I cannot stress the importance of keeping regular contact with your professors and academic advisors - they are the key to your successful graduation! Talk to your teachers about extra credit, if you're confused about some of the assignments, or how to improve your work. Talk to your advisors once to twice a semester to see where you're at, how your courses are going, and how close you are to graduating. If you're confused about anything, talk to them!

It's also worth considering that you also need references for when you're transferring to a different college, or if you're, perhaps, applying for jobs. So also make friends with your teachers and counsellors!

And have fun!

Despite all seriousness, have fun! I mean, college will be your last few years of education until you can find your career and finally live the adult life, so let go every once in a while! Go wild at parties and travel to places you want to go to, enjoy your freedom as the young millennial for a while until you hit the road after graduation.

As I continually mention, I am no professional. I'm not a qualified college advisor and most of my statements are based from general knowledge and my one year experience as a college student.

If you're like me, in college, and have tips and advice that's not mentioned then feel free to leave them in the comments!

In a society that's filled with hatred and prejudice, divided between the two extremes, keeping a smile on your face with a jovial sincerity must be difficult. The image-obsessiveness we've gained from the snapping scrutiny we receive from social media as well as the pressure to fit into the standards of society has abstained us from self-love and true happiness.

From my observations and self-revelations, I've come to realize that happiness doesn't stem from being Mister or Miss Perfect: surrounded by perfectly outgoing friends, flexing the ideal body, being in a relationship, and overall living in a constant positive environment. Like the concept of beauty, happiness is subjective and people find all sorts of way to define it.

Growing up, I thought perfection was the key to happiness - and so I would always perfect the way I looked, how I acted, how I spoke, and I micro-managed every detail of myself to appear perfect. It's how I defined happiness. Perfection, to me, was defined by a "hot body" and the perfect way of talking, the charming and humorous personality and the innate ability to be sociable. I often compared myself to the likes of successful celebrities and wealthy models with perfect cheekbones and slim bodies. I wanted to be that, and then I'd be happy.

Unfortunately, I was born as me. An awkward and clumsy girl who grew up in a suburban town in the UK, with a lack of ability to make friends and who has a lisp and a voice that cracks when I'm nervous. I have dark armpits and stretch marks on my hips and a protruding belly that I became so insecure about that I never wore bikinis. I have a big giant forehead and a round baby-looking face that's covered in redness and acne. I have small breasts, wide shoulders, and I'm not tall enough to be considered a model. This is me. But I've slowly come to encompass that.

I decided to share aspects of my appearance that are considered 'flaws', to remind you that people are not Barbie or Ken dolls with perfect skins and perfect lives. I felt that most of the unhappiness within the youth mainly comes from insecurities. Instagram and the fashion industry have imposed a delusional idea of what perfection is supposed to be, which I believe leads to the sad loss of self-love and genuine happiness in people.

I used to be unhappy with myself because of how I wasn't like the pretty women I see on my phone; how I looked and how I turned out to be as a person. But, it took a while for me to recognize the beauty and value of who I am. That my deadpanness and sarcasm revealed my British upbringing, my bulging belly showed that I'm healthy and eating well, and my face filled with baby fat reminisces the features of our heritage. I slowly but progressively walked the path of self-discovery, love, and happiness.

So here's a lesson for all of you who struggle loving themselves: don't allow the toxicity of social media and the ideals it imposes dictate your perception of yourself. Continue to look at yourself in the mirror to admire and idolize the person staring back, rather than shaming it for not fitting a certain template - because you are unique! You are beautiful! And you are worth it!

For me, I came to learn that happiness always starts with self-love. Before loving another person, or striving for your goal, or doing anything else, love yourself first. It may not be easy at the beginning, but life isn't easy; emotion, anger, and sadness are inevitable in every journey, so embrace your tears and angry outbursts.

I hope this has inspired you to start or continue your journey of self-love. Putting yourself first is more important than anything else.
In debates of whether the book or the film is better, people tend to lean towards the book. I understand that's the case because, well, it's the OG. And reading involves using a lot of your imagination, so books are more subjective in terms of how you imagined the character or the setting, and thus I feel that you're more indulged in the story. Where, unlike in the books, the entirety of the story in the film is portrayed through the director's vision as well as the actor's.

I want to take a look at Vladimir Nabokov's classic (and my all time favorite) book, Lolita; I've included it in one of my reading lists, but it was only several months ago that I finally flicked through the last pages and finished the story. The reason why it's my favorite is because, through the unique and truly brilliant storytelling, I was so invested in the plot and the characters.

The story is written through Humbert Humbert's perspective. Humbert is the protagonist and unreliable narrator, who sometimes breaks the fourth-wall and speaks directly to the readers. As we read his thoughts and actions throughout the story, you're convinced at how much of a cruel creep he is for 'kidnapping' his landlord's twelve-year-old daughter and for his hebephillic nature towards preadolescent girls. But through Nabokov's skillful and aesthetic writing, you also see the passionate side of Humbert. The poetic descriptions of Dolores Haze shows us that's he's more than just in love but infatuated. The difference between morality and desire creates this internal conflict within Humbert - which is what makes this book, for me, so intriguing.

Now, whenever I read a book and then watch the adapted film, they never feel the same. For instance, when I watched The Lovely Bones directed by Peter Jackson, a film adaptation of one of my favorite books, I was disappointed. Although they got the visuals accurately aligned with my what I imagined from reading Alice Sebold's novel, they missed a lot of important details that it just didn't feel the same as the book.

Reading Nabokov's Lolita, I was captivated by the writing style: "Human life is but a series of footnotes to a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece.", "Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta." Some of the made up words, a little french, and use of clever wordplay is what captivated me. After finishing the book, I wondered how anyone would be able to replicate this genius onto the screen.

I don't think I ever got round to watching the 1967 adaptation, but I did watch the 1997 version with Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain. I think Adrian Lyne, director, did a great job recreating the beloved the book - I thought the tasteful cinematography matched the aesthetic of Nabokov's writing, they added the tiny details mentioned in the book which I loved (for instance, the way she tiptoed and flattened herself against the doorway to allow Humbert to pass through in Part 2 Chap. 29), and I think Dominque Swain's portrayal of Lolita is almost accurate.

Overall, I feel that the film almost aligns with the book. However, I also think that they missed a lot of details which I think were important to revealing some of the characters - specifically Humbert. They hadn't included his previous marriage to Valeria nor his flings and affairs with prostitutes. For me, the film represented Humbert simply as the European intellectual with an obsessive fixation on pubescent girls. In my view, I felt that they didn't capture enough of his dark side so I couldn't feel that "internal conflict" that I discerned from reading the book (although, I think that was revealed at the end when he confronted Clare Quilty - who was a representation of desire which he's in conflict with).

Overall, as much as I adored the film, the book is in my favor. It's understandable that you can't pack every single detail into the movie, but because the story tends to be simplified for the screen, the film doesn't do complete justice.

What do you guys think of film adaptations of books?
Are there any examples of movies that you think did justice or that totally failed the book?
The past couple days have been filled with endless sleep-deprived journeys; state after state, city after city, driving along the 95 Interstate and Florida Turnpike. Road trips can be therapeutic - admiring nature and noticing the fascinating differences between each place, like the buildings and the vibe, and all you do is sleep and listen to music. It's cleansing to the mind.

But, personally, I find road trips uncomfortable - especially since I've spent almost 40 hours on the road this past week! What do you guys think of road trips? Do you enjoy them or hate them?

Anyways, last week after arriving from New Jersey in an almost 22 hour trip, we drove to the south of Florida in Miami! We explored the Bayside Marketplace downtown during the evening and spent the whole day in Key West - the southernmost city of Continental USA.

Piñacolada at Daiquiri Bar 

I didn't manage to get a picture by the southernmost point because there was a looong line of tourists and we spent most of the afternoon bicycling around the city... but this is what it looked like.
One tourist point that we regretfully missed was the tour of Harry S. Truman's Little White House - a mini museum that tours around the vacation house of former USA president, Harry Truman! But the next time we visit, it's a must attraction to go to.

It's been over a year since moving to the States, and so far I've travelled to so many amazing places, learned new and interesting experiences and met so many wonderful people! It's been a tough yet enjoyable ride :D
Are there any other places I should visit in the States? Let me know!
This past month was filled with unforgettable travels, new friends and memories, and mini revelations that lead me to the next few steps of self-discovery. This past month has been interesting and memorable, and I want to share it all with you. If you're wondering why I've been absent for this past month, here's why...

* Contains Spoilers *

I recently finished [binge] watching the entire second season of 13 Reasons Why and it was just as emotional, disturbing, and utterly shocking as the first season. But there's more to these new episodes than just bullying and suicide; it also features gun violence and more sexual assault and these issues have become very important, especially around this time in the wake of the #MeToo movement and the recent school shootings. So I'm here to talk about them.

In season one, the narrative is based around the tapes left behind by Hannah Baker after she takes her own life but in the newest season, the story unravels through a series of polaroid pictures - ones that have been discovered in Clay Jensen's locker. The polaroids leads us to a secret 'truth' of the popular jocks of the baseball team.

Despite the unravelling of the plot through these polaroids, the narrative is primarily based around the trial of Bakers v. school district, where each person mentioned on the tapes testify and tell their side of the story to see whether Hannah's suicide is the parent's fault or the school's.

As fantastic the cinematography and directing is (some of the episodes were directed by a legend, Gregg Araki), the story line of season two bemused me and somewhat angered to some measure.

Creating two opposing sides as a result of Hannah's suicide is unrealistic and slightly over-dramatic, and the fight between two - the fight to see who was at blame for her death - made Hannah's suicide mean nothing more than criminal rather than a tragedy, devaluing her death to some extent. They represented her suicide as a murder when it's not; suicide is a choice. Further, the fact that they're questioning her claims throughout the series creates an unreliability in the story: should we believe the victim's claims, is it really her fault she was bullied, and what would she have lied for if she wasn't exactly being honest?

Not to mention the graphic nature of Tyler's brutal assault in the last episode. It left me haunted because the terror and the screams as well as the violence all seem so genuine. To me, I felt it was unnecessary to finish off the season with something as painful to watch as Hannah's suicide. I personally found it a bit over-the-top, something the writer's wrote in for shock-value. Despite the constant warnings before the episode started, it is way too sensitive for viewers - especially since the show already consists of extremely sensitive content. So, if you're planning to watch it then mentally prepare yourself or watch with a guardian/friend. If you've been a victim of sexual assault or bullying, then I highly recommend not watching this scene at all.

In all's honesty, the contents of this show is too heavy and should be handled like broken glass - which is why I would not honestly recommend this show unless you think you can handle a few sharp edges. The heavy load which the show carries will overwhelm you with a burden of thoughts about the issues and themes it displays; leaving a long-term impact. It left a huge one for me.

Although this show is controversial and dark, it's a way for young people to become aware of important issues - such as rape, suicide and depression, bullying, and violence. Tyler's scene created an awareness of male rape, which is something that not many people know about. It's a great way to challenge young people to think and discuss these issues which isn't commonly discussed, and it's especially important that we start talking, considering the recent events of #MeToo, March for our Lives, and the recent cases of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby - where victims stood up and spoke their truths. To add more, one of my favourite things they did on this show was the way they depicted teenagers in this day and age: image-conscious, hormonal, secretive, and rebellious.

Overall, 13 Reasons why wasn't too bad. I was expecting different results for the second season - like after Hannah's death, the people involved would try to figure out a way to move on in a constructive way, rather than through a court trial; and Jessica would finally speak up about her non-consensual encounter with Bryce. Even though it wasn't what I expected, the show had great surprises, heart-wrenching moments, and a touch of trauma.

Do you agree? Would you recommend 13 Reasons Why to anyone or would you not watch it ever?
In honor of Asian/Pacific American Heritage month, I've written several poems about my Filipino culture. Through metaphors and imagery of nature, these poems I've written explores the issues of south east asian cultures (as well as south asian, west asian, etc.) being subjugated by east asian expectations and standards; therefore looking into racism as well as unfair stereotypes amongst the asian community. Here are a few I've written, and that are also featured in my Poetry blog. I hope you enjoy 

To further delve you deeper into this literary and artsy celebration of APAHM, I suggest you go check out Tiger Balm Project; a beautiful zine that provides a platform for the unheard voices of South East Asians, featuring many crazy talented artists, poets and writers of south east asian descent! You can find more work similar to these literary pieces I've written, so check it out!! Link is here.

I am also writing a column over at about biculturalism. Through the lens that is my personal experiences from growing up in a bicultural family, I explore this uncommon topic of discussion and shedding light to the potential benefits it may have to society. I use examples of my life, as a Filipino young woman growing up in a British culture. More can be found under "Cross-Cultured" through this link

Do you have other ways to celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month? Let me know in the comments below :D