This October, I've embarked once again on a creative pursuit - HAPPY PLANNING! I've been recommended by a friend to buy the Happy Planner, a cute and colorful planner that's easily customizable with the mushroom cut paper and discs and the endless collections of stickers and accessories they provide.

This is truly an amazing product that has kept me busy, productive, and creative this past month and here's why:

Pre-designed templates

Unlike bullet journaling - which was formerly my way of planning my week - the Happy Planner comes with a variety of pre-designed pages which you could add into your planner. Although there's not complete creative freedom with a blank canvas, it's a much more efficient way to make my plans in a creative way when you don't always have the time to sit down and design elaborate templates.

Some pre-designed templates that I have is the budget tracker, where you can write down all the items you purchase to keep track of your spending and a bills tracker on the other side and a homework schedule so I can stay on top of my school work. Other pre-designed templates that they provide also includes health and fitness, social media manager, and project planners.

Easily customizable

A habit of mine I want to maintain is being creative! And the happy planner helps me with that by making it so easy to personalize your planner in your own unique way. Because their planners are disc bound, you can simply insert and re-insert pages. I love adding little notecards that say "Think Happy Thoughts" or "Stay Sharp" which I came in the student sticker and accessory bundle.

I also bought the hole punch, meaning I can insert any page I want! I could add in my class syllabus, printable meal planners, literally anything.

Keeps me productive and organized

As a working college student, I have a lot of homework, projects, tests, and appointments. For me, being the writer that I am, there's nothing better than jotting down my to-dos and organizing my thoughts to paper. The Happy Planner helps me keep productive and organizes my mind. My mind is a clutter box, and writing it down in my happy planner clarifies them, making it easier to go through my checklists and get things done like a boss.

All in all, the Happy Planner has integrated itself as an essential item to my daily life. It makes me feel like a boss, always checking in my Stay Cool planner to view my spread for the week and making appointments, plans, and schedules.

It's something I highly recommend, especially for moms, students, teachers, managers, and basically anyone who wants to be a badass bitch and get shit done. Because this will definitely change the way you organize your life.

with love,
nicole isabel
It's October - the month deep within one of my favorite seasons which is fall! The crisp red and brown leaves blowing through the crisp cool air and the classic pumpkin spice lattes drunken in a warm bed curled up with a book. Sunset watching wrapped in a hand-knitted scarf and sweater with my favorite boots and sweatpants, with calm music playing in the background along with the raining sound of trees against the breeze. Nothing is a better feeling than fall, the season that marks the goodbyes and endings with the falling of the leaves.

And nothing is a better celebration of pumpkin season than an annual fall festival! My family and I journeyed through the orange, puddled dirt road to Southern Hills Farms in Clermont where everyone gathered to pick sunflowers, take a tour around the farm, eat and drink with friends and family, and pretty much have a great time. We were lucky enough to slip in around five in the afternoon to witness one of Earth's wonders which is the sunset.

Here are some beautiful photographs I took...

This beautiful day spent walking in open air, smelling the flowers, drinking and eating with my family, and seeing the colors change in the sky certainly hit the mark in the celebration of my favorite season. We didn't get any pumpkins as I had hoped (for the annual ritual of pumpkin carving for Halloween), but I did pick out a bunch of flowers to curate a beautiful bouquet displayed in my room.

I hope you all have a lovely October month and Happy Fall Season! 

nicole isabel

It's been a while, but I'm back. Awakened and feeling refreshed. In the few months of hibernation from the blogger's life, I've been taught many different lessons - from relationships, work, family, school, and "adulting". Lessons I will talk about through a new series I've curated known as #LoveLettersToMyself. A series of letters that help me understand myself and the way I live my life; letters that will teach me to be more grateful; letters that will help me grow back the self-love. I feel like these letters may also help others going through a similar journey, and so I share them here with you.

A small segment of this year was a period I lost myself. It happens occasionally, but sometimes you fall into a very deep rabbit hole you can't get out of that you're forced to navigate an underground world with a talking rabbit and a madman with an hat. It happens to the best of us.

After falling into this deep hole, I learned that the only option was to move forward. To look up and try to find the light. Otherwise you're gonna end up in the inevitable pit of darkness and oblivion. Striving for self-love has to be the most challenging goal that anyone will ever face - especially in a world that throws everything at you. But by continuously learning about yourself and the world, you'll possess resilience, courage, and discipline - important qualities that help you evolve into a better person.

To Myself

I hope you realize some of the mistakes you've made. I hope they serve as important stepping-stones to developing your mind. Maturity is the outcome you must always desire, and with that finish-line you've created you will come to gradually discern your boundaries and learn to overcome the obstacles that take your path.  

Remember who you are. Remember the ambitions you've set yourself up to. The standards you've built for yourself and the aspirations you claim and desire. Your best foot always needs to come forward; don't hesitate for the sake of someone else or a circumstance. 

As Humbert Humbert once quoted "human life is... a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece." There is so much you can wonder, think, dream, imagine than just worry of society. 
As part of the annual and very special day that is International Women's Day, I wanted to create a post dedicated to all the women who constantly inspire me since the beginning of my advocacy of feminism. Their strong work ethic, powerful personas, and progressive achievements motivates me, as well as help me shape myself into the independently strong and determined woman I am strive to become.

I've noticed the progress of female recognition where it's becoming more and more prevalent - from Cardi B's historic win at the Grammy's, to the women of the 116th Congress. Seeing their persistence and hard work, I hope to follow a similar path of achieving my dream and, therefore, inspire other young women like me! Here's to women and all their hard work!! 🍾

Audrey Hepburn - Not only was she a famed actress well-known for her portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but she also dedicated her later life to her role as UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador. Additionally, during WWII, she performed ballet to raise money for the Dutch resistance. She's charming and effortless with a timeless beauty - a legend and icon I strive towards becoming.

Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018) - To me, personally, Catriona Gray embodies the powerful feminine. Her beauty, elegance, and commitment to making a difference is a true inspiration to young women all over the world. From watching her interviews, she's articulate and intelligent with a cute and charming personality! As a bicultural Filipina, her story and experience in rediscovering her Filipino roots came through to my heart, which is why I chose her on my list.

Mary, Queen of Scots - After watching Saoirse Ronan play the role of Mary Stuart in her new film Mary Queen of Scots, I instantly fell in love with the historic Queen. Her persistence and drive to reclaim the throne of Great Britain certainly served, for me, as an incentive to become a strong-minded individual.

I wish you all a positive, warm, and loving International Women's Day.
Who inspires you?